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Can I do fanart/giftart for you?

Yep! I love getting gift art of me and Coy^^ or badges as gift art...^^ But please no drawing my character in any sexual manner with anyone other then her Fiance Coy.

Can I trace, recolor or reference your artwork?
Trace: No! Sorry but I dont trace other peoples work and you shouldnt either 
Recolor: Only if I have blank free lineart... and say that its free to use otherwise no 
Reference: I dont see why not... Referencing id

Can I repost your art work or use your art on RolePlaying sites/forums/etc?
Hell no!

Can I pose the drawing you made for me in my (FA) gallery?
Yes if you want to, but you have to give me proper credit for it.....well drawing it anyway

Do you do trades?
Sometimes... Depends on weather I am busy

Do you do requests?
yeah sometimes.. Watch my journals on DA and FA 

Do you do collaborations?
Not really no

Are you open for commissions?
Yes! I am open at the moment... Check out my DA and FA journals for prices and payment

Anything you won't draw?
I cant draw certian things like detailed sex or anything like that.... (I am trying to pratice on it..) I WILL NOT draw any fetishes other then spanking and even then it has to be very light

What tools do you use?
Card Stock, mechincal pencils, and Prisma Colored pencils

How long does it take for you to finish a drawing?
Depends on if I am busy with work and everything else. I have lots of things that go on in my life and I have two different jobs to work... But I try to get them done as soon as I can

I have been waiting really long for my drawing. Are you done yet?
Please read the above question. Also please dont badger me about your art. I will get it done... I dont mind if you ask about how the progress is going, but dont do it every five minutes

I've been waiting forever to get a commission from you! Do you have a waiting-list I can get on?
Yes! I do have a waiting list, but I dont normally have it open.... Actually I have two waiting lists.... one for art and the other for my Graphic Design... but the art one is not normally open, however, if you would like to be put on the waiting list then I dont mind putting you there^^ 

Do you give artistic advice? Do you give criticism?
Not really I am normally the one getting the advice or criticism....

Can I give you advice/critique?
Of coarse! I love getting good advice on how I can fix something or how I can color it better...

Any artist(s) who have a big influence on your work?
Yeah a lot of them have a big influence I am glad that there are so many artists out there that do what they do


What name(s) do you go by online?

How old are you?

Are you male of female?

Where are you from?
A small town in Oklahoma

Are  you single?
No... I am with the greatest man ever


I work in Retail, so my life can be pretty hectic at times and I am in the middle of getting everything ready to move

Can I watch you?
Sure! I love to get new watches

Can we be friends?
Yes, but nothing to buddy buddy if I dont know you all that well

Can I have your AIM/MSN/Yahoo?

I have all three

AIM: Kurokitten87
Yahoo: Kurokitten87

Do you roleplay online?
Sadly only with Coy

Are you a furry?
Yes! i dont have a fursuit tho... but I plan on getting one made when I get the money

Do you attend conventions?
yes, but sadly they have only been Anime Conventions.. I hope to get to go to a Furry Convention one day

Do you have a personal website?
Yes! It is in the works, but its only for my comic

Any other sites I can find you on?
Deviantart: Kurokitten87
Furaffinity: Kurokitten87
Facebook: I have another one too but that one is for my RL family and friends... with this one anyone can add me^^

Got more questions? Please, ask them ^^


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