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My Pokemon (Chu Stuff) Wishlist
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Hey there I am interested in all things Pikachu Pichu and Raichu. Also I have horrible spelling so if I spell something wrong I am

Ok I am not going to separate these because that would take way to long to do so its just a list and I will put strike through as I get them. ^^

On to the list!

Chu Stuff Wishlist:

Pikachu wind up Surf board toy -
Pikachu N64 (Blue) Sealed in box -
Pikachu N46 (Orange) Sealed in Box -
Pikachu DS Lite ( One with Pikachus Face) -
Pikachu DS Lite Silicon Cover -
White Pikachu DS Lite (Daisuki Club Special) -
Pikachu DS Lite Gear -
Pikachu DS Lite Box (Yes I know this is stupid but mine didnt come in this box and I think its cute) -
Pokemon DS/DSi Lite Shoulder Bag (Pikachu) -
Pokemon Center Exclusive DS Lite Shoulder Pouch (Pikachu) -
Pokemon Center Exclusive DS Lite Shoulder Pouch (Pikachu) -
Pokemon Pouch (Ruby/Sapphire) DS Lite (Pikachu) -
Pichu Toy -
Pichu Toy -
Pikachu Toy -
Pikachu Toy -
Pikachu Toy -
Raichu Toy -
Pichu Toy -
Pikachu Toy -
Mega Blocks Pikachu -
Pikachu Pillow Pet -
Pikachu Plushie -
Pikachu Plushie -
Pikachu Jumbo Plushie -
Pikachu Plushie (Banpresto) -
Pikachu Backpack -
Pikachu with blanket -
Pikachu bead cushion -
Pikachu Pillow -
Random Pikachu Pichu and Raichu Plushies (Let me know that you have) 

Random other Pikachu Pichu and Raichu stuff like:
Whatever you think of that you have let me know^^


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